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Send us your original recipe. If we use it as a “My Own Recipe” in Family Magazine, we will send you $25. If your recipe is selected and it includes a featured brand, we will double the amount to $50!

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Each month one winner will be selected and featured in Family Magazine.


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No purchase necessary. Winning entries will be selected by Family Magazine staff and featured monthly in Family Magazine. Winners will be selected from recipes received at, buy email to or by mail at: My Own Recipes, PO Box 399, Old Bethpage, NY 11804.

Be sure to include all required informatoin with your submission (see above form). Contest is only open to persons over 18 years of age with current commissary/exhange shopping privledges (proof of eligibility required). Winners will be notified by email.

Prizes must be accepted within 14 days of notification. Limit of one prize per household per six month period. Entries must be original recipes (do NOT copy recipes from published or online sources).