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Available free of charge on U.S. Military installations. If you can’t find Salute where you serve, let us know and we will arrange to ship to your location at no cost.

October/November 2018 Issue – available now.

  • Don Hirst Military veteran, military writer
  • A Good Run Want to sprint faster? Incorporate these 5 tips into your training.
  • Boxers or Briefs? Can your choice of underwear affect your sperm count? The answer is yes.
  • Ride, Carey, Ride How motocross icon Carey Hart is helping military veterans through his passion for motorcycles
  • This Land Is Our Land Why retired general Wesley K. Clark  says you need to see the new environmental doc Living in the Future’s Past
  • Boat Ahoy! Innovative wood workshop offers camaraderie and support
  • And ‘Baby’ Makes Three 3 reasons you’ll want to read executive editor Dina Santorelli’s Baby Grand thriller trilogy 
  • Hustle & Go The B-58 Hustler was fast and had very long legs
  • John McCain A remarkable life in the Navy and on Capitol Hill
  • Look for the current issue on your installation. If you cannot find SALUTE, contact us at to arrange for FREE distribution.

Plus our regular features…

  • Unit of the Month
  • Singles Scene
  • Beetle Bailey

…and much more


The next issue of Salute is the October/November 2018 issue, available early October.

If you cannot find Salute on your base, send us an email to:

Salute is available to all U.S. Military Installations at no cost.

Since 1985 Salute Magazine has been providing information and entertainment for America’s Military.

Salute is available exclusively on military installations.
We publish six issues each year – February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November and December/January..


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