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Available free of charge on U.S. Military installations. If you can’t find Salute where you serve, let us know and we will arrange to ship to your location at no cost.

February/March 2019 Issue – available now.

  • Fitness Go Time 3 tips for getting back into your exercise routine
  • Wheels It’s Electrifying! Alternative-fuel vehicles: not so alternative anymore
  • Grooming No Sweat The particulars of pit care
  • Cover Story On the Right Track Actor and activist Gary Sinise talks about his new memoir, Grateful American, and his continued devotion to the military community
  • Style Spring into Action & Out of Those Winter Blues Incorporating color into your wardrobe can lift your mood
  • Tech The Wide World of Sports Tech Want to raise your game?  The 2019 CES has got you covered.
  • Final Salute George H. W. Bush, 1924-2018 A look at the naval career of America’s 41st president
  • Look for the current issue on your installation. If you cannot find SALUTE, contact us at to arrange for FREE distribution.

Plus our regular features…

  • Unit of the Month
  • Singles Scene
  • Beetle Bailey

…and much more

prilThe next issue of Salute is the February/May 2019 issue, available early April.

If you cannot find Salute on your base, send us an email to:

Salute is available to all U.S. Military Installations at no cost.

Since 1985 Salute Magazine has been providing information and entertainment for America’s Military.

Salute is available exclusively on military installations.
We publish six issues each year – February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November and December/January..

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