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5 Ways to Modernize Your Back-to-School Routine

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Make the kids’ schooldays transition smoother with these tips

After a relaxing, less-structured summer, getting everyone out the door on time for school can feel overwhelming. Here are five simple tips you can use to streamline your family’s back-to-school morning routine!

Allow Time
Adjust the kids’ schedules at least two weeks before school begins and wake them up 30 minutes earlier each week until you reach your needed wakeup time. For example, if you need them to wake up an hour and a half earlier, allow three weeks for the kids to acclimate.

Rely on Smart Tech
Make a morning-specific playlist and use it to signal when it’s time to get up, in the car or catch the bus! Playing happy, upbeat and familiar songs will also help kids fight morning grogginess.

Synch the families’ calendars so everyone is coordi­nated for the week ahead. Ensure everyone in the household (old enough work a smartphone) has visibility for each person’s after school or work com­mitments. Coordinating calendars helps reduce guesswork, stress and provides the ability to tackle the week with a plan. Adjust on the fly as needed!

Learn to Delegate
A new school year is an ideal time to take a look at your child’s skills and add new jobs to their morning routine. Before summer ends, begin teaching new skills and delegate small chores that they will be responsible for during hectic school mornings. This may include feeding the dog, dressing themselves and/or packing their own lunches.

Create Neon Chore and Reminder Cards
Place brightly-colored cards on each backpack the night before so kids are less likely to forget their lunches. Chore cards, such as “Make the Bed” or “Brush Your Teeth” can also be placed in their respec­tive areas to remind kids to stay on task in the morn­ings.

Meal Plan – The Easy Way
When school is in session, quick breakfasts and lunches are crucial for staying on a tight schedule. Create a whiteboard or chalkboard in the kitchen to plan your weekly meals and minimize breakfast choic­es. Instead of asking kids what they want to eat each morning, limit them to a couple of prepared, easy items.
Stick to convenient recipes that require little prep and leave the complex recipes for weekends. Cut yourself a break during this busy time and rely on ready-made products and microwaveable food.
Check out our top recommendations for freeze-ahead breakfast sandwiches, grab-n-go lunches, and swift after-school snacks!