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Historic new Flagpole of Freedom Park plans to honor all U.S. veterans with an immersive memorial experience.

A unique vision to honor every single one of the more than 24 million American veterans who have served since the Revolutionary War is taking shape in the scenic woodlands of Maine: Flagpole of Freedom Park. It is a $1 billion patriotic memorial park that will feature the world’s tallest flagpole, a 1,461-foot spire soaring a symbolic 1,776 feet above sea level, and it will feature one of the biggest American flags ever flown.

The park is the brainchild of businessmen and founders Morrill, Mike, and Rob Worcester, who serves as managing director, along with spokesman and “voice of the flag” Evangelo “Vann” Morris. Morris is a former nuclear powered ballistic missile Submariner, Afghanistan-deployed combat veteran, and retired U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer. Flagpole of Freedom Park is slated to open on July 4, 2026 as part of celebrations to mark the 250th birthday of the United States. 

The iconic flagpole at the center of the Park will be taller than New York City’s Empire State Building and hold the world’s largest American flag, larger than a football field. An observation deck will offer panoramic views of over a 100-mile radius. The 2,500-acre site also will feature 55 Remembrance Parks, organized by state and territory, displaying each region’s flag alongside reflection pools and miles of Remembrance Walls containing the names of veterans who served. A Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Flag will honor those U.S. service members still missing. Six Halls of History will use virtual reality, augmented reality, and video and touch screens to create an immersive experience. Each hall will focus on a major U.S. historical period, bringing to light stories, features, and interactive experiences around the Roots of America, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War/19th Century Conflicts, World War I, World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and most recently, the War on Terror, including the Afghan, Iraq, and Kuwait conflicts. 

A separate, “Village of Old Glory,” will stand at the heart of the Park, offering restaurants, hotels, museums, shops, an event venue, Park Founders building, and a non-denominational chapel. A gondola system will connect areas of the Park to one another, making possible a full day of entertainment, education, and exploration. 

“There is no single place in the country that remembers every single one of the 24+/- million deceased American veterans since the Revolutionary War,” explains Morris. “There is no place that recognizes their sacrifice, whether they died in combat or not. This project is important because it gives a place for us to remember those brave men and women, and the dedication they put towards keeping the United States safe and free. More than that, Flagpole of Freedom Park is an educational venture that will humanize and personalize the stories of American veterans, provide an immersive experience to learn about American history, and teach future generations about the milestones and moments that have shaped our nation’s history.”

Described as “part national monument, part historical adventure, part immersive tech-driven museum, and part architectural wonder,” Morris says the venture is “fueled by a love of country, respect for veterans and the military, and a thirst for America’s storied history…intended to unite the country and bring the stories of veterans into greater focus for all.

“It is not a theme park or an adventure park,” he adds. “It is an immersive experience unlike anything that currently exists in our country today. Most importantly, it is an apolitical destination that welcomes all people of all backgrounds and beliefs. We hope to see Americans come together to support this project, become Park founders, and help us see this vision through to completion.” 

The Worcester family members are no strangers to supporting veterans: Just last year, they built a memorial to the Rangers lost aboard the Flying Tiger Line 739 during a secret Vietnam War Mission. Because of the nature of the mission, their names do not currently appear on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. This new memorial gives the families of these Rangers a space to remember and honor their sacrifice.

The Worcesters also founded the nonprofit, Wreaths Across America, 30 years ago, which places wreathes on veterans’ graves during the holiday season. (Look for a feature on Wreaths Across America in our upcoming November issue of FAMILY!) Many of the more than 2.5 million wreaths distributed annually are made at the Worcester’s Balsam Fir farm; the family is donating land near the farm for the new Flagpole of Freedom Park.

The Park is located in the town of Columbia Falls, Maine, about an hour from popular tourist destinations like Acadia National Park and historic Bar Harbor. The $1 billion cost of the Park is privately funded by donors; those who donate $660 or more are considered founders and earn a variety of special benefits. Admission to the park grounds, the Flagpole, and the Remembrance Walls will be free. The Halls of History will feature live productions and immersive experiences that will have optional ticketed access. Proceeds of these day-pass style tickets to the 50+ planned experiences will be the mechanism that maintains and operates the Park.

“A portion of funds and additional resources will be set aside for us to help serve the 45,000 recognized, veteran-related nonprofits that exist in this country today,” Worcester states. “We do not wish to compete with those already doing great work for our veterans, but instead compliment their efforts with our own. 

“Helping and supporting veterans is at the heart of the mission held by our team and by Flagpole of Freedom Park,” he adds. “There are many great causes out there supporting veterans in the areas of housing and shelter, job creation, wellness, education and more. Our endeavor with Flagpole of Freedom Park will support and transcend those causes.”

The Park also prioritizes hiring veterans and using veteran-owned business; the founders estimate that the project will create about 8,000 jobs and be an economic catalyst for the surrounding area. The Park also hopes to provide opportunities to partner with veteran organizations and define post-service career paths for those looking to transition into civilian life. 

“Through the Remembrance Walls and the Halls of History, Flagpole of Freedom Park also plays an important educational role in today’s society by helping citizens to understand the veteran sacrifice,” Morris explains. “The Park will humanize and personalize the stories of American veterans so that their heroism is never forgotten. It will also bring to light the current struggles that many veterans still face on an ongoing basis. 

“Flagpole of Freedom Park will, in a large way, support veteran families, creating a restful and respectful place for them to remember, honor and even grieve their lost loved ones,” he continues. “No place in the United States currently honors every single veteran who fought or served in any branch of the military since the Revolutionary War. For many, this will be the only site where their child, parent, sibling, relative, grandparent, spouse, or friend’s name lives on – beyond memory, etched in stone.”

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